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4 steps to reset: free coaching tool

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Sometimes life is so full that we operate on autopilot and lose sense of whether the things we’re doing, and the way we’re doing them, still work for us. I am completely guilty of living like this, and it normally takes something going wrong for me to stop and check-in.

Instead of waiting for that awful moment, taking time to evaluate how we feel, notice where life is great and where it could be better is really helpful.

It means we can spot what’s not useful for us anymore, and it offers the opportunity to try out new things (that have perhaps been on a wish-list for a while!)

These 4 steps to reset are designed to give you space to think about where you want to focus and what could help you get closer to living the way you really want to.

We all deserve to live a great life, but what great looks like changes over time and sometimes we find ourselves stuck living in a way that isn’t right for us anymore. I support women to live a happier life: through prioritising their wellbeing and doing more of what they love.

I offer yoga and coaching together, and separately. What would be a good fit for you?

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