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Wellbeing for mind & body
Yoga and Life Coach Fiona Hatton is fully qualified

I’m Fiona, I support women to live a happier life by prioritising their wellbeing and doing more of what they love. You can work with me through:

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Coaching and yoga: nurturing your mind and body

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Coaching only: designed to support you identify and achieve what matters to you

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Yoga only: created for you and your body

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Reconnecting with movement

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Yoga and Life Coach Fiona Hatton

I have just about always loved to move. Until I was a teenager, you’d find me upside down: inventing new ways to do handstands, teaching my friends how to cartwheel, and spinning on railings. I was fearless. 


Then it was all about dancing. Oh my goodness, I could dance for hours, until my legs were aching, and I would still carry on. 


In my 20s I discovered yoga, and the combination of movement and breathwork helped me to reset after a day behind a desk. But when I had children my focus switched. My priorities changed. It felt like I didn’t have the time or the energy to move for fun any more. I occasionally practised yoga but I was distracted and tired. 


I forgot how much I enjoyed moving my body.


On holiday some years later, I spotted a woman doing yoga. She was strong and controlled. She inspired me to get back on my mat, remember what I loved so much about it, and eventually train to teach yoga to others.


We all have times in our lives when we forget what brings us real joy. As a coach, I’ll support you to reconnect with yourself and the things you love.

Read more of my story.

I also partner with organisations: supporting wellbeing and fostering healthier work cultures. Find out more


You're in safe hands

I’m a qualified yoga teacher and coach. 


As a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I work to a code of ethics that values confidentiality and integrity. 


And I’m a massive fan of learning and growing (you’ll find this out about me when we work together!), so I always look for new opportunities to make sure I offer you sessions that make a really positive difference.

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ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring

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Happiness Facilitator

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Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified Teacher

European Mentoring & Coaching Council member

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Mental Health First Aider

Mental Health First Aider - Fiona Hatton
Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified Teacher
Yoco Studio – Yoga and Coaching
Fully Qualified Yogoa Coach Fiona Hatton
Yoga and Life Coach Fiona Hatton



Sparking energy and commitment to support wellbeing


In ambition and belief

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Space to talk, think and move

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We are all a work in progress

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