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Wellbeing workshops
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We spend so much of our lives working, it's no wonder it impacts our wellbeing - and that wellbeing impacts our work.

Grounded in coaching theory and research, these 90-minute workshops are designed

for teams of up to 24, in-person or online, and focus on key areas that can affect our wellbeing. 


Guided through coaching questions that

draw out insight and develop

self-awareness, participants create

a personal action plan

that’s individual to them.

Resilience builder

A ​90-minute workshop, to help participants:

  • Understand resilience and where it comes from

  • ID current resilience levels

  • Choose areas of focus

  • Explore possibilities

  • Develop action plan

Confidence booster

A ​90-minute workshop, to help participants:

  • Learn about theories of confidence

  • Understand current confidence levels

  • Reflect on past highs and lows

  • ID strengths and how to use them

  • Develop action plan

Goal setter

A ​90-minute workshop, where participants:


  • Learn how to set goals they want to achieve

  • Choose where to focus

  • Reflect on what's going well and what could be better

  • Set meaningful goal(s)

  • ID blockers and plans to work around them

Do you need something different? I also offer workshops that are designed especially for you and your team. We'll spend time together developing an approach that focuses on your current challenges and taps into your team's strengths.

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