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Supporting your employees
Yoga and Life Coach Fiona Hatton
Yoga and Life Coach Fiona Hatton

Personal wellbeing and workplace satisfaction are deeply connected. As I’ve coached individual clients, I’ve noticed a recurring theme: the people I work with often start with a focus on their personal wellbeing, but our conversations naturally shift towards improving their experience at work.


This shift is no coincidence, workplace wellbeing is an important part of overall life satisfaction. 


And it’s not just the people I coach that benefit. The organisations they work for do too.

An employee with strong wellbeing is more likely to be engaged and contribute to their organisation's success. They tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction, lower rates of absenteeism, and greater resilience in the face of challenges. (Research shows the opposite is true too).


That’s why I partner with organisations to support individual wellbeing and foster a healthier work culture. Here’s how:

Wellbeing audits

How is wellbeing prioritised and nurtured in your organisation? A detailed audit into working practices and processes, leadership and culture, and current wellbeing programmes and benefits. More details


Wellbeing workshops

These 90-minute workshops are designed for teams of up to 24, in-person or online, and focus on key areas that can affect our wellbeing. More details


Coaching content

A series of coaching Q&A articles that covers common career and wellbeing challenges, and articles tailored specifically to your organisation. More details

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