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A week of wellbeing: yoga at your desk

All this week I’ll be sharing ideas to help you find balance at this very busy time of year. It’ll be a mix of yoga, coaching, and meditation, and it’s designed so that you can take what works for you and use it when you need it.

Everything I share this week will be short and simple. First off, we’re going to try a short yoga sequence that you can do anywhere - even at your desk - you won’t need any special kit. All you need is somewhere to sit comfortably.

We all deserve to live a great life, but what great looks like changes over time and sometimes we find ourselves stuck living in a way that isn’t right for us anymore. I support women to live a happier life: through prioritising their wellbeing, doing more of what they love, and focusing on what really matters to them.

I offer yoga and coaching together, and separately. What would be a good fit for you?

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